Bognanco Waterand Thermal Baths

Lindos is a water to drink because:

  • is good for the heart
    and the cardiovascular system.A low level of magnesium in the body is considered one of the main risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and arrhythmias.
  • tones the muscles
    and helps to reduce body weight. Magnesium facilitates the absorption of calcium, stimulating the metabolism and promoting the reduction of body weight.
  • it makes you digest
    and reactivates your bowels. Magnesium together with bicarbonate have the property of maximizing the capacity of our enzymes involved in digestion.
  • fights constipation.
    Inflated belly and constipation are now disorders that affect adults, but also children. The supply of Magnesium of Water Lindos can help to solve the problem.
The health resort of Bognanco is located 700 meters above sea level (altitude well tolerated by all) and is 7 km from Domodossola.

Bognanco and its thermal baths are located in a corner of Piedmont bordering Switzerland, in a green valley rich in waterfalls and streams that, not by chance, have made it called “the valley of 100 waterfalls”. The mild climate makes it even more attractive. It is said that the discoverer of the mineral waters of Val Bognanco, in 1863, drinking from a spring (named San Lorenzo), exchanged water for aqua was so his pinch. Don Tichelli, the local chaplain, after having analyzed the water and discovered its therapeutic properties, bought the field and the source, beginning the exploitation of the source and the marketing of the water

Bognanco became a spa and holiday resort and its water was the first to be bottled with a fully automated process in 1929.

Today, after 150 years, the merits that at the time had attracted the attention of the whole of Italy, Europe and America remain unchanged.

To date, the Baths of Bognanco can boast the presence of more than 20,000,000 visitors, 10,000,000 of whom have benefited from hydropinic treatments.

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